Animations Page 1

Here are some samples of my animation work.

Click on the picture to run the animation.
Note: Most animations are in Windows Movie format (.wmv) to keep the file size small.


The first two are more of a test and the rest are full length.

Click here to see my Test Animation pages.

Kasumi test. (355 kb)

This was the very first animation that I rendered.
The model is Kasumi, and the sub model is the Maya Doll.
The MayaDoll model was very easy to work with and pose.
Her structure led to a lot of interesting poses and characters.
You can see more stills I did in my Gallery pages.

I thought she would be a pretty good character for advertising.

Rodney Fish. (224 kb)

This was an animation I created to see what a fish character would look like saying the lines of a movie character.

The model is DAZ's Fish
The actor is Rodney Dangerfield.
I am a big Rodney fan. We're going you miss you Rodney.

The Gorilla and the Guitar. (6,177 kb)

I was testing movement, music and compositing, and this was the result.
I play guitar, and do a little Elvis. Very little.


The Tea Party. (640x480 - 11,413 kb)

This was a funny way to test advertise a product.
It consisted of 12 separate animations and a lot of post work. Also a product I invented which I needed to render in 3D Max. This was possible with the voice talent of some very fine ladies from our Church.
Thanks ladies!

Enjoy! (Smaller version 320x240 - 2,771 kb)






Another one is on it's way!