Animation Tests Page 1

Here are some test animations I have done.

Click on the picture to run the animation.
Note: Most animations are in Windows Movie format (.wmv) to keep the file size small.

Most people will show only their best work in their portfolio.
You may never see their tests and failed attempts.

Sometimes it's fun to show these and use as a learning tool.


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Tiffany in the back yard. (1,129 kb)

This shot was created in way back in Poser 4, with a still photograph in the background.
I keep it because it was the first composition shot I ever did in Poser.
And yes, she IS wearing a yellow bikini.

The model I used is the standard Poser 4 girl. The animation is very rough - her legs don't move that well.
Oh, and my friend was looking for his dog's ball.

Mimic Test. (816 kb)
This was my first attempt at DAZ's program called Mimic.
Mimic was a great investment. If you are looking for a way to get your characters to speak, then Mimic is the answer.

I kept this to show off the Mimic program.

The model is Victoria 3 from DAZ.
The skin is Syandy by Poserdreams.
The hair is DAZ hair.

Robomarch. (1.48 mb)

This is a composite. I started out rendering one robot solder and copied him across the screen. This is a bit harder then it seems, but the effect looks good.

Undersea Tunnel (355 kb)

I was watching a TV program where they were testing to see if it was possible to create a train tunnel from New York to Tokyo.


What a neat idea, so I created a quick animation.

I rendered this in 3DS Max. I was learning how to use forces and gravity with Reactor.

At the time it seemed like something to save.



Droid Test. (639 kb)

This was the very first animation that I rendered using Vue 5.
It's not very good, and I was using the demo version at the time.

This was a test to see what it could do.

Up The Dock. (1,600 kb)

This was the next animation that I rendered using Vue 5 Demo.
It's better but you can see the spots where I had to glue the 3 animations together because the demo only gave me 5 seconds at a time.

P-51 Flying. (1,939 kb) DivX

Vue Espirit 5 is a great investment. Now my architectural work can be displayed out doors.

This is part of a 3 minute animation of an airplane flying in the desert. Here the airplane is flying under a stone arch complete with sound.
As soon as I get time, I'll post the whole movie.


Here's the Windows WMV version if you don't have divx.






Another one is on it's way!