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Here you’ll find my photographs collections... Hope you enjoy.

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bees I found these guys busy collecting pollen.
bees I caught this one in mid flight. It's amazing how fast their wings move.
bees Request permission to land...
bees I think I fell in the pollen.
bees Back for more! What a rush.

Before they cleaned it up and built a monument to the war veterans, there used to be a vacant island, near where I work. I went out there one day on lunch and shot these next few.

I felt sorry for this butterfly. His wings were tattered and torn.

butterfly Caught this one, in mid flight.
butterfly Two at a time!
butterfly This picture is not washed out. He really was this color.
butterfly As I ate my lunch, one of these critters landed just next to me on a park bench. I carefully picked up my camera and got a nice closeup.
butterfly Another photo of the same guy/girl. (I'm never sure).
butterfly Another time in the garden.

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